Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Luddites Beware

Today's brief but tech-savvy update (which should be hilarious to anyone who knows me, since I'm suspicious of - and incapable of operating - any electronimajigs built after the year of my birth) is twofold:

Fold One
Those so inclined can find me (as well as such charming personages as Myke Cole and Anne Lyle) expounding authorily on the topic of ereader data-mining (which I'm assured is a thing) over at Mieneke Van Der Salm's blog. In all seriousness, the post highlights a fascinating topic, and is well worth checking out.

Fold Two: Electric Foldaloo (Er, The Foldening? 2 Fold 2 Furious? Yeah, I got nothing.)
The folks behind the Hugo-Award-winning podcast Starship Sofa have launched a brand-spanking crime podcast with a corker of a tale from one of my all-time favorite writers, Lawrence Block. You can check it out here. And be sure to pop in for later installments, one of which I'm delighted to announce will feature my short story "A Simple Kindness."