Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Of Earlobes and Corrals

Look: I'm gonna give it to you straight. I've been super-busy with the actual writing part of this whole writing gig lately, so time for blogging and tweeting is pretty scarce. (Also TV viewing, reading, and sleeping. Thankfully, regular bathing has yet to fall by the wayside.) And I just blew all the blogging time I have today trying to make a cheeky Raiders of the Lost Ark reference in the title of this post, to no avail, so I'm just going to leap right into the meat of the post with no cleverness to speak of. (Yeah, yeah: Whats' new about that? Shut up, peanut gallery in my head.)

First off, Bob at The Guilded Earlobe listened to the DEAD HARVEST audiobook, and had a good deal of praise for me and my reader, Brian Vander Ark, both. ('Reader of the ___ Ark'? Seriously, what rhymes with Lost and works there? I'm so close, it's freaking killing me.) Here's a taste (click through to read the rest):

"Dead Harvest is a wonderful blending of the supernatural with urban crime fiction and an exciting start to a new series...  Vander Ark gives Sam Thornton a gravelly voice that is an excellent fit for this character. Vander Ark manages to give the book the hard boiled feel of a [Dashiell Hammett] novel, while keeping up with Holm’s rapid fire pacing and elaborate action sequences."

 And second, Benito Corral took a gander at 8 POUNDS and declared "I cannot recommend this collection highly enough." I'd quote more, but damn if that ain't plenty to make me smile. Feel free to click through to check out the rest.

Many thanks to Bob and Benito. Now back to the word mines for me...