Friday, May 25, 2012

A Review of the DEAD HARVEST Audiobook!

Marion Deeds at Fantasy Literature listens to Brian Vander Ark's take on DEAD HARVEST, and has this to say:

" ...when I came across the book with its clever 1940s cover, I had to get it. Then it was 'strap in, and keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times,' as I devoured this fast-paced, convoluted thrill ride. Vander Ark reads DEAD HARVEST for Brilliance Audio. His voice was a bit too young for the world-weary Sam, but he has a good sense of drama and pacing, and he did a fine job with the other characters; Pinch, Anders and Kate. He gives Lilith a wonderful, sinister purr. Audio book readers should enjoy this interpretation."

All in all, a winning review! Though I will say this by way of counterpoint: my mother-in-law was so taken with Brian's gritty, grizzled version of Sam, I think if he were to put out an audio version of the phone book, she'd download it in a heartbeat. So there's that.