Friday, March 09, 2012

Post-Book-Launch Post

Photos courtesy Katrina Niidas Holm
 So last night was surreal. I couldn't tell you if it went well. I couldn't tell you how I sounded, or how the reading was received. But I can say the house was packed. That we gave away some cool stuff (books, lucky cat figurines, an angry robot full of candy, and custom DEAD HARVEST M&Ms courtesy of the missus to those brave enough to ask a question.) That we sold every copy of the book Longfellow had, beating expectations by a damn sight and blowing past THE HUNGER GAMES to snag their number one sales spot. (Until then, DEAD HARVEST sat at lucky number 13, which seemed fitting as the full moon rose overhead.)

And I can say I had a blast. I thought it would be strange, seeing a crowd of people from all aspects of my life, together under one roof. But it wasn't. It was just seven kinds of awesome, for the same reason my first Bouchercon was seven kinds of awesome. The fact is, a milestone ain't a milestone if you can't celebrate it with family and friends. I'm fortunate enough in life to be surrounded by both.

Thanks to all who came, and to all who were there in spirit. Thanks to Longfellow Books for putting on such a cool event. Thanks to those who asked questions. And most of all, thanks to my wife, Katrina, who played the parts of Crowd Wrangler and Lovely Assistant, ensuring all went smoothly, and all who came had fun.

Sorry to those who went away bookless. I'm assured more will be coming in shortly, and I'll be popping in to sign them when they do. In the meantime, if you couldn't get one at the party and manage to track a copy down elsewhere, just let me know, and I'll be happy to personalize it for you.