Saturday, March 17, 2012

Morning o' Me

Happy St. Patrick's Day, all. May your day bring you a heaping helping of corned beef, and maybe even a tasty Emerald Isle libation or two along the way. (Just do this half-Irish guy a favor, okay? Have some Guinness, or some Jameson, or heck, even a Bailey's, but steer clear of the lime-green Bud Light, would you? That's amateur hour, right there.)

Anyways, I don't know if it's the luck o' the Irish or what, but today brings all kinds of interwebby goodness for yours truly.

First up, the lovely and talented Julia Spencer-Fleming (and her doubtless equally lovely and talented husband, Ross) asked me to stop by Maine Crime Writers for a guest post. Those who know what a crazy-insane cheerleader I am for Maine (but, you know, in a manly way) won't be surprised to discover I leapt at the chance.

Second, it would seem I've got a guest post up at The Qwillery! In it, I talk about the rules I set for myself before beginning DEAD HARVEST. Sally Janin, guardian angel of all things fictiony, was smart enough to realize y'all would need a goodly carrot to wade through my inane ramblings, so as a reward for doing so, she's giving away a copy of DEAD HARVEST! Pop over and register today.

Third, Jeff VanderMeer had some kind words for DEAD HARVEST over at Omnivoracious:

"From the clever packaging to the devilishly clever cross-pollination of urban fantasy and noir crime, this first novel bodes well for a long career."

And last, Bitesize Books has posted a very kind review of DEAD HARVEST. Here's a nibble:

 "...this page turner will rivet fans of the thriller/crime genre as well as those whose normal staple is fantasy/horror giving both an expanded reading horizon that is sorely lacking in genre fiction..."

Click through to read the rest.