Sunday, February 26, 2012

Radio, Radio

If you've ever had the urge to hear me awkwardly exposit on the topic of writing, but couldn't make it to last year's Bouchercon, then have I got a deal for you. Tomorrow (Monday, 2/27, for those not lurking on my blog and feverishly hitting the refresh button in a desperate attempt to read just a tiny quantum more of my deathless prose) at noon, I'll be appearing on (professor, ace writer, fellow DMLAer, and possible conspiracy nut) Barna Donovan's Culture Wars radio show on St. Peter's College's WSPC Radio. If you'd like to listen in live, you can stream it here. And if you miss it, no worries: the show will appear in podcast form here. I imagine it'll be much like my own college radio show, except it's not on at four in the morning, I won't be pogoing around the audio booth like an idiot to Fugazi, and people will actually be listening.