Thursday, February 23, 2012

Like Jimmy Dean, I Bring Thee Morning Links

I'll make this short and sweet, since I've got me a Day Job to rush off to:

First off, I'm talking about my writing rulebook over at The ITW's The Thrill Begins. Stop by and join the discussion!

Second, Chuck Wendig was kind enough to let me crash on his blog-couch, provided I answer a few questions. (And while you're there, be sure to check out his interviews with Hilary Davidson and Dan O'Shea!)

Third, DEAD HARVEST received 5 out of 5 Tentacles (!) from Amanda Guzman at She Never Slept. Here's a taste:

"Chris F. Holm has crafted a nicely dark urban fantasy with a truly unique protagonist, whose personality engages you no matter whose face he’s wearing."

Click through to read the rest, and thanks to Amanda for the kind review!

UPDATE: Now with Bonus Fourth Thing, and it's a doozy! DEAD HARVEST just won February's Cover Wars competition over at The Qwillery. Thanks so much to all who voted, and to Sally, for hosting such a fun competiton. Congratulations to my editor, Marc Gascoigne, who helmed the project, as well as Amazing 15, who executed it to perfection.