Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Release Day, Hilary!

Today ain't just the smoochiest holiday of the year (apart from Arbor Day, that is; those treehuggers are an amorous lot), it's also the release date for Hilary Davidson's THE NEXT ONE TO FALL!

Hilary's already done a better job than would I pointing y'all in the right direction for guest blog posts, reviews, and the like, so I'll leave that to her. What I will do is tell you her debut, THE DAMAGE DONE, was an utterly fantastic read, and that I ordered this one the very second it came available. It shipped yesterday, and to my mind, it can't get here fast enough.

So yeah. Happy release day, Hilary! And folks, check out THE NEXT ONE TO FALL. If it' s half as good as THE DAMAGE DONE, it'll knock you flat. (Between you and me, my spies say it's even better. And since "my spies" in this case means my lovely wife, I'm inclined to believe 'em. Er, her.)