Friday, January 13, 2012

"Seven Days of Rain" at the Longest-Titled Blog Ever

Much like the long-buried body in the story itself, it seems "Seven Days of Rain" just won't stay buried. I was delighted to see it pop up on the charmingly titled* HOW MANY SHORT STORIES CAN YOU READ IN A YEAR? CAN YOU READ A STORY A DAY FOR ONE YEAR? blog.

Thanks to Johnny Shaw for the kind mention. Johnny correctly attributes the story to my Kindle collection 8 POUNDS, but I feel I should tip my hat to Bryon Quertermous' sadly defunct Demolition Magazine for publishing it first. Oh, and in the interest of giving you, dear reader, free shit (in the hopes that you'll, you know, buy other, different shit with my name on it)(wait, that sounded all wrong), I should mention you can read it in its entirety for zero dollars here.

*This may not actually be the blog's formal title. But if it's not, it's an object lesson in putting one's title in one's masthead.