Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buy the "By"

Check it out, people. From New Pulp Press and the twisted minds behind Crime Factory Magazine comes CRIME FACTORY: THE FIRST SHIFT, a killer collection chock-a-block with some of the finest names in crime fiction. Names like Bruen. Bill. McKinty. Shea. Davidson. Weddle. Wolven.

And, um, Holm.

Wanna know more? Click through and check it out. Then buy it buy it buy it.

Oh, and speaking of names, a funny thing happened on the way back from the printer. See, the story I've got in this anthology is called "Green" (as in money, weed, inexperience, envy, and nausea, all of which feature in the tale.) Or, rather, it was called "Green." Somewhere along the way, a quotation mark got moved, and now it's listed as "Green By." In the far future of my deluded fantasies where I'm rich and famous and ruling the globe with an iron fist from my gold-plated moon base, the THE COLLECTED WORKS OF OUR EXALTED LEADER CHRIS F. HOLM will once more list the tale as "Green." Which, by my estimation, makes this printing of "Green By" a collector's item. Get 'em while they're hot.