Monday, August 15, 2011

PULP INK Now Available!

Cats and kittens, grab your hats and mittens, 'cause do I have some cool news for you. (Ugh; who says that? No matter, Chris: just keep calm and carry on.) As of right this second, PULP INK is live and ready for download.

What is PULP INK, you ask? (You don't? Well, just be a sport and play along, then, would you? Because obviously, I intend to tell you either way.) PULP INK is an ebook anthology, cooked up by Nigel Bird and Chris Rhatigan and released by the good folks at Needle, in which some of today's hottest crime fic writers take turns riffing on tracks from the iconic Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Writers like Allan Guthrie. Matthew Funk. Patti Abbott. Hilary Davidson. And, um, me.

My entry's called "A Night at the Royale." It's bloody, pulpy, and as referential as all get-out. (Seriously, I even crammed a nod to Tarantino's portion of Four Rooms in there, so you know I'm eight kinds of Tarantino-geek.)

You can download PULP INK for Kindle, Kindle UK, and via Smashwords. So what're you waiting for? Don't make me summon the gimp.