Saturday, July 16, 2011

On Endings, and New Beginnings

It's been quite a week.

Six days ago, I finished my third novel.

Five days ago, I started my fourth.

The novel I finished (in first draft, at least) is called THE WRONG GOODBYE. It's a direct sequel to my upcoming debut, DEAD HARVEST, and the first I've actually written under contract. DEAD HARVEST is scheduled for release in March of next year, with THE WRONG GOODBYE following that autumn. Technically, it's not due for another few months, which is good, because while it is now officially a complete novel, it's far from completed. There's doubtless a great deal of polishing to be done before I'm ready to let it out into the world, but it's much easier to make something good out of something rough than it is to make something out of nothing.

As for the New Book, it's a big-ass crime thriller, and maybe the most ambitious story I've yet told. I've got about a third of it outlined, and maybe a chapter and a half written. It has a name, but for now, I'm not saying what that name is. For now, that's all you get...

Oh, and a note for the mathematically inclined: yes, this post mentions I've written three novels. Yes, I only talked about two of them. The third, which was actually my first, is titled THE ANGELS' SHARE, and it's still looking for a nice home. So if you happen to have yourself a publishing house and you'd like to take a peek, you just let me know...