Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Couple New Reviews!

8 POUNDS is getting love all over the place! Seriously, that short story collection is a brazen, brazen hussy. But with a heart of gold, I tells ya.

First up, check out this gem from Unsquare Dance: "Chris F. Holm is one of the finest writers working out there today." I mean, damn. One can only assume by "out there," Stephen means "on Chris F. Holm's couch," but still.

And Ray Garraty had this to say:

Самиздатовский сборник Криса Холма включает в себя восемь рассказов, большинство из которых имеет солидный вес, отчего книга, вопреки своему названию, гораздо тяжелее восьми фунтов. Холм пишет в разных жанрах: есть здесь хоррор, есть современный неонуар, есть т.н «темная проза». Слово «темный» как нельзя лучше подходит для описания всей коллекции рассказов.

To be fair, I'm mostly just hoping that's a good review, on account of it's in Russian. But on the other hand, DUDE, I GOT REVIEWED IN RUSSIAN!

Okay, that's not entirely fair to Ray. See, though Russian is his native tongue (his Anglicized nom de plume is borrowed from a King tale, I believe), he also posts his reviews in English; you can read the translation of mine here. Still, it's way cooler in Russian.

Thanks to Ray and Stephen for the kind words. And thanks to all who've bought 8 POUNDS. If you haven't, but you'd like to, it's available for Kindle in both the US and UK, for the rock-bottom price of $0.99!