Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gimme Five

2010's been a crazy-ass writing year for me, full of massive highs and crushing lows (to borrow a phrase from Craig Finn), so it only seems fitting I'm sending it out with a bang. Said bang is my list of five top crime stories from 2010 over at Death by Killing. (That's right, I said "five top" instead of "top five"; it was a hell of a year in crime fic, and who am I to claim authority as to the best five stories out there?)

Mondo thanks to Chris Rhatigan for the opportunity, and for plugging my Kindle short story collection, 8 POUNDS (buy it now for your Kindle or free Kindle app for just $0.99!) And to all of y'all reading this, have a safe, happy, and kickass new year...