Friday, September 03, 2010

Chapter One of A RIP THROUGH TIME Now Available!

Flash Gordon. Han Solo. Buck Rogers. John Carter. Indiana Jones.

All evoke for me a wide-eyed sense of adventure -- a childlike edge-of-seat glee as you wait to see what happens next.

Which is why when David Cranmer asked me to pitch in and help him scrawl a new name on that list, I said, "Hell, yes!"

That name is Simon Rip. And today, my chapter of his story, A Rip Through Time: The Dame, the Doctor, and the Device, is live at Beat to a Pulp.

Check it out. Leave a comment. And if you dig it, you're in luck, because there's more a'comin'. See, David conceived of A Rip Through Time as an old-school serial, but with a twist: each installment is to be written by a different pulp practitioner. Charles Gramlich is up next, and after that, Matt Mayo takes old Rip out for a spin. Same characters. Same story. But each episode with its own unique flavor.

I, for one, am dying to see where the story goes next. (No, seriously; I haven't the foggiest idea.) Wherever it goes, there is one thing I'm sure of: I'll be reading it on the edge of my seat.

So what're you waiting for? Read it now!