Sunday, August 01, 2010


Last night, David Cranmer dropped a bombshell: the cover for the upcoming Beat to a Pulp print anthology, BEAT TO A PULP: ROUND ONE. Painted by James O'Barr, creator of THE CROW, with additional design by John Bergin, it's at once brutal, witty, and nostalgic, like some gorgeous artifact from a violent, bygone era.

I, for one, am nuts about it. It reminds me of the timeworn pulps I used to buy in bag sales at the North Syracuse Free Library (two bucks a bag, and as many books as it'll carry). It taps into that lurid, visceral appeal that draws folks like me to pulp in the first place. In short, I couldn't have asked for a better cover for the first book I'll ever be a part of.

ROUND ONE is set to drop in a month or two. I suspect when it does I might just mention it. Buy it for Ardai, Littlefield, Davidson, Abbott, Reasoner, and Randisi. But when you do, take a gander at my humble entry, a creepy little adventure-pulp/horror crossover called A Native Problem. If I'm half as good at my job as the guys who made this cover are at theirs, it'll scare you silly for sure.