Friday, July 16, 2010

A Quick Update

If you take a gander at the snazzy banner in my sidebar, you'll see I've written a novella (news to me, but I did think as I was writing it that short was gettin' kinda wordy), and that said novella is to appear in the summer issue of Needle Magazine. I'll be appearing alongside some damned talented writers (make with the clicky if you don't believe me), many of whom are friends to boot, and I couldn't be happier.

The summer issue's set to drop sometime this month, so keep an eye on this space. Needle's spring issue was no-shit some of the best reading of the year, so I'm psyched to get my hands on this one. Oh, and if you wanna know who's responsible for that sexy, sexy banner ad, that would be the lovely and talented John Hornor Jacobs (who, for a price, would no doubt be happy to design you a gorgeous banner ad for your macrame typewriter cozy business, your line of designer eyepatches, or, you know, your book if you wanna be all boring about it).