Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sophie Littlefield's A Bad Day For Pretty now available!

Sophie Littlefield doesn't have to be so damned nice. Not when she can write as well as she does.

The chops she's got, Sophie could be a big, fat jerk*. I'm talking ego the size of Texas. I mean, did you read A Bad Day For Sorry? The Edgar committee sure did. Ditto the folks behind the Anthony, the Spinetingler Awards, and oh, did I mention the Macavity?

Yeah, it was that good. Smart, funny, thrilling, and featuring a narrative voice so warm and unique, from page one you feel like you've known Stella all your life. If you haven't read it yet, do.

And if you already have, well you're in luck. Sophie's followup, A Bad Day For Pretty, was released this week, and it promises to be every bit as good as Sorry. Add to that the fact that Sophie's one of the awesomest people in an industry chock full of awesome people, and that's two reasons you ought to buy this book. (Hmmm. Two reasons; two copies? Just putting that out there.)

So go. Buy. Read. Love. (Trying not to say "You won't be Sorry"... it's so cheesy... so obvious... and so very, very tempting...)

*Grammarian's note: in this context, "big" and "fat" are intended as reflective of any potential jerkiness, not actual Sophie size. In reality, Sophie would make quite a svelte jerk if she so chose.

UPDATE: A scant three hours after I posted this, Sorry was also nominated for a Barry. Like, for serious.