Monday, June 14, 2010

Job Update

Day jobs. Damn near every writer on the planet has one, and until three months ago, I was no exception. Then my company shut down, and I found myself a full-time writer.

Know what? It sucked. I'm a biologist by trade, and I missed the challenge of research, the social interaction of being in a lab. And yeah, I missed the paycheck, too. Not to mention, the stress of job hunting and the pressure the lack of steady employment put on me to generate some cash flow via writing blunted my creative output.

I'm happy to say that as of next week, balance will be restored. On Friday, I accepted a position with a lab dedicated to providing diagnostic tools to veterinarians, as well as technologies to monitor food and water safety -- goals that are both scientifically interesting and socially very, very cool. No, I won't say where, for the simple reason that this is a blog dedicated to the writing portion of my life, and I'm a big proponent of keeping the two separate. In fact, I suspect this is the last I'll ever mention it. But I'd addressed my joblessness here, so I thought its end merited a mention.

So yeah. New job. Pretty psyched. Also psyched to get back to my novel. Or should I say novels? See, ever since I accepted this job offer, I've been kicking around a new idea...