Sunday, May 23, 2010

SyFy Flash-Fic Roundup

So a couple days back (er, yesterday), I threw down a challenge. A challenge to write a trailer, scene, or treatment for the most ridiculous schlockfest of a made-up SyFy Original Movie you could muster. And for some odd reason, people did. Talented people. Funny people. Awesome people.

You want to read their entries. (Note that wasn't a question. You so very do.) Well, here they are:

Maggie Carroll
Dan O'Shea
Julie Summerell

And of course, little old me.

Oh, and a hat-tip to Chuck Wendig, who contributed the glorious photo that accompanies Dan's tale.

Now, I have it on good authority that others have got theirs cookin', so check back often; there's more schlocky goodness a'comin'. And if you've partaken in the challenge, let me know -- I'll be sure to include you in the links...

Meanwhile, thanks to all who participated. If and when we ever meet, the first round's on me. And obviously, when SyFy contacts me to option these works, I'll be sure to pass you along a solid 3%.

UPDATED MAY 26: Jimmy Callaway's joined the fray! Huzzah! Check his delightfully exclamatory entrant here!