Friday, February 19, 2010

Westlake, Hitchcock, and Me

Just a quick update to say I received my contributor's copies for the May issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, featuring my short story Action. The issue's set to hit newsstands early next month, and it's their annual humor issue, so keep an eye out; I've no doubt it'll be worth reading.

As you'll see, I'm not on the cover, but I am the first story in the lineup, which I'm delighted about ('about which I'm delighted'? Nah, save it for the lit-fic folks.) I also got a snazzy illustration, courtesy of Andrew R. Wright:

This story is one of my favorites; I wrote it as an homage to the comic capers of Donald Westlake, beginning work on it several months before his death, and not finishing it until shortly after. It seems fitting it should appear in AHMM, since many of Westlake's early shorts appeared there. Many thanks to Linda Landrigan and the rest of the AHMM staff for letting me sully up their pages.