Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Year, New Story, New... crap, I should really have a third thing.

Tonight, I put the finishing touches on my first submission of the new year, an adventure-pulp/noir/horror sort of deal, chock full of cannibals and tentacles and badass men with guns all wanderin' 'round the jungle thinking badass thoughts (now with BONUS! Science geekery!). It was written at the request of a friend for an upcoming anthology, and if he digs it, then deets to follow. If not, pretend I never said that. In fact, since I just used the word "deets", pretend I never said it either way.

What's it called, you ask? (Yes, I know no one really asked that. Be nice to the punch-drunk writer giddy from finishing his first short story in quite a while and play along.) A Native Problem. Which it occurs to me could be perceived as somewhat scandalous, but really isn't so. Unless scandal would make folks more likely to read it, in which case, it is a controversial masterpiece on the order of Scarface, Audition, or that weird-ass pornographic comic Alan Moore put out a few years back. Only really not so much.

Okay, off to rest and relaxate. And I promise, with the new year upon us, I'll try to pop in here every week or so to dust the cobwebs and whatnot. (Dust for cobwebs? I don't plan to keep the cobwebs themselves clean. No matter.) The point is, stay tuned. I've got a feeling things are gonna get interesting around here...