Sunday, October 04, 2009

More Details on The Feral Pages

The Feral Pages, the new cross-genre webzine from award-winning editor (and tremendous author in his own right) Lyman Feero, is set to go live October 15, so mark your calendars. The premiere issue features one hell of a crime/horror crossover by Patrick Shawn Bagley, as well as a quiet little horror piece with a gut-punch of an ending by yours truly. The zine will also feature articles and editorials on genre and genre theory, which I, for one, am psyched about, because Lyman spends more time thinking about this stuff than most people spend awake.

If you'd like to read Lyman's musings on his intentions for the direction of The Feral Pages, you can check them out here. If you're a writer who'd like to submit, the guidelines can be found here. So get to work, and be sure to check back in October 15, when the whole shebang goes live.