Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! (And a triple shot of horror.)

Ah, Halloween -- that glorious time of year when we abandon all pretense of cultural sophistication, carving totems and donning masks in the hopes that the oogly-booglies will pass us by in favor of some tastier-looking morsel (like that non-waving jackass down the street that's always blasting Foreigner and cleaning his Winnebago; but I digress).

Awesome, says I. And since this here chunk of Interweb is my little dog-and-pony show, I've decided to celebrate by linking to my three entrants into the horror genre -- three shorts that represent the nastiest I have to offer. Here they are, in order of length (cause hey, you're busy today, bloodying rags and severing limbs and whatnot; you need to know which scares might fit your hectic zombie/ax-murderer/please-don't-say-princess-what-kind-of-costume-is-that schedule):

The Well (short, and not-so-sweet)

A Better Life
(what's worse than mice in your eaves?)

The Toll Collectors
(an undead revenge tale or one whacked-out protagonist? You decide...)

Anyways, I hope y'all enjoy 'em. And have a safe and happy Halloween!