Tuesday, September 01, 2009

And now for something completely different (non-zombie edition).

Okay, this post isn't, strictly speaking, about writing (nor zombies, as my last "And now for something..." proved to be). But I hadn't properly put pen to paper for years before putting down roots in Portland, so every once and a while, I like to celebrate what makes my little burg so damn inspiring. Sometimes, it's zombies. Sometimes, killer book-signings.

But today, it's all about the food. That's right, baby -- Portland, Maine, the first, best Portland in all the land, has been named Bon Appetit's 2009 Foodiest Small Town of the Year, for both quality of food and drink. And how could they not? Miyake. The Bear. Geary's Hampshire Special. Hugo's, home to James Beard Award-winning chef Rob Evans. Haggarty's. One of the ten best French restaurants in America. Two Lights. More fresh seafood that you could shake a lobster buoy at. 555. And mmm, Gritty's Halloween Ale.

A hat-tip to the fantastic Portland Food Map for getting the scoop. Oh, and note to self: get famous enough so that you get free stuff for mentioning purveyors of tasty, tasty food on your blog...