Thursday, August 06, 2009

What a year, what a year.

A few months ago, our cat Maggie began having trouble digesting her food. She threw up all the time, and if we could get the food to stay long enough, she'd wind up with the runs. In a matter of weeks, a muscular, agile, beautiful animal was reduced to nothing much but fur and bones.

We switched foods. No change. We called a vet, who recommended a different, prescription food. It seemed to help. She stopped getting sick. The diarrhea stopped, too. But for some odd reason, she never managed to put the weight back on.

As it turns out, that reason was a blood-orange-sized tumor in her intestine, which pressed on her bladder and kidneys, and robbed her body of nutrients. Said tumor is now on its way to be analyzed, and the smart money's on cancer. Right now, though, I don't care, because after a harrowing day waiting, Maggie is back home, grumpy and drugged out of her little kitty gourd. I have a feeling this weekend's gonna suck, but with luck, she'll be back on her feet in a couple of days. With a little more luck, she'll be around a good few years after that.

Katrina just came in to tell me Maggie just meowed. It's a testament to the suckage of this day that her cry of pain/confusion/despair has actually managed to cheer me some. See, on top of it all, Maggie had a pretty strong reaction to the anesthetic, and so we're supposed to keep close watch on her to make sure she actually comes out of it. I don't expect I'll sleep too much tonight, but so long as she makes it through, I'm pretty darn okay with that.

Mostly, I have a good life. A happy life. But the past year or so has me wondering just when the hell my luck is gonna change...

UPDATE: Two days out from surgery, and Maggie's mood and health are much improved. With luck, she'll be back to tormenting her sister in no time. Major thanks to Dr. Lyons and the staff at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital for taking such good care of her; here's hoping we don't see you all for quite a while...