Thursday, August 13, 2009

A heartfelt thanks

I think it's pretty clear these past few months have been a little rocky 'round the _holm household (which reminds me, I should really explain that whole _holm thing sometime, since I cribbed it for my blog title and all), and these past few days have been no exception. We've had crises big and small, and no shortage of excitement. (Really? A late-night trip to the animal ER and a busted dishwasher in one day? And on our anniversary no less? On some level, universe, you really must be joking.)

But this post ain't about wallowing in the bad. This post is an acknowledgment of the startling grace and goodwill Kat and I have been the grateful recipients of from those around us. From on-line friends who sent along well-wishes (I can't tell you how much we appreciated them), to offline ones like Anne and Josh, whose efforts to buoy our spirits hit their mark in a huge way (Anne: Kat cried; Josh: the only reason I've yet to read the Swierczynski is 'cause you got me so damned hooked on Huston, I've not been able to put him down.) Huge thanks also to our families, who've done their damndest to make things just a little easier on us. Believe me, it helped.

So yeah. Thank you all so much. The world may be determined to kick our asses, but that just makes me all the more grateful for those who're there to pick us up and dust us off so we're ready for the second round...