Sunday, May 31, 2009

John Connolly at The Great Lost Bear

A public service announcement for any fellow Mainers reading this blog (okay, fine, I'm from away, but you know what I mean):

This Tuesday, June 2nd at 7:00 PM, The Great Lost Bear will be hosting a book release party for John Connolly's newest Charlie Parker novel, The Lovers. As I understand it, the bar (a favorite of mine) features prominently in the book, and collector-types should note they'll be giving away limited-edition T-shirts to those who buy a copy of the book (you can read the details here).

In the interest of not seeming like a total poseur, I should mention that Connolly's work is new to me, having until recently read nothing of his but his fantastic introduction to the upcoming Bleak House release Uncage Me. Thankfully, that proved easy enough to rectify, and on a tip from Stuart, I picked up The Book of Lost Things just this week. Thus far, it's nothing short of riveting.

So yeah. 7:00 PM Tuesday. The Great Lost Bear. 540 Forest Avenue. If you see me there, by all means say hello -- I'll be the one trying to nurse my Hampshire Special so as to not make an ass of myself, or wind up tipsy on a school-night. (Seriously, I freakin' love that stuff. I hazily recall shaking David Geary's hand when he was guest-tending bar at the Bear one night, just for being the man who makes it.)