Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pulpy Goodness!

This is just a quick post to say that The Toll Collectors is now up at Beat to a Pulp. Go check it out!

In just a short while, David and Elaine have made Beat to a Pulp destination-reading for fans of modern pulp fiction, and with contributors like Patti Abbott, Sandra Seamans, Stephen D. Rogers, and Big Daddy Thug himself (not to mention a host of other talented writers), it's no surprise why. I'm happy to be part of the club.

Oh, and a brief note about the story: the setting for The Toll Collectors is an abandoned stretch of turnpike in the wilds of Pennsylvania. The wild thing is, that turnpike actually exists. You can see it here. Anyways, I stumbled across it while doing research on abandoned rail lines for The World Behind, and once I saw the pictures, the story sort of wrote itself.

UPDATE: Check out the cool illustration David cooked up to accompany my story here.