Friday, November 28, 2008

Post Turkey Day Post

Okay, I've managed to shake my turkey coma long enough to post a brief update. (Yes, brief. I guess my Blogtacular Retrospective will have to wait for post 103 at least.) Take cover, y'all, 'cause here come the bullets:
  • Firstly, a Dead Harvest update. A little while back, the lovely and talented Jennifer Jackson, agent extraordinaire, got back to me with some minor editorial suggestions that I've spent the last couple weeks working on. As of last Sunday, the book is once more finished, and I think it's stronger for the tinkering. Anyways, one more read this weekend, and it's out the door. Fingers crossed it finds a good home.
  • Secondly, a little writerly indulgence. Patrick Shawn Bagley (also lovely, if you swing that way, and talented) has posted an essay on his blog about the writing and submission of my short story "The World Behind". I originally wrote the piece for a class Patrick teaches, so it might be a little process-y for any non-writer-types out there, but if you're curious, go on and take a gander. Oh, and read the rest of his blog while you're over there. The Bag Man* is one badass mofo of a writer, and you'd do well to start kissing up to him now before his newly finished debut novel explodes and he no longer socializes with the hoi polloi like you and I.
  • Thirdly, books. See, my birthday was last weekend, and although the celebratory awesomeness of delicious cheese-ends and barbecue and sushi and wine and a dedicated pumpkin pie are too far afield from the whole writing thing to mention (except I just did, didn't I?), I also got a pile of books, which are totally fair game. So what'd I get? A bunch of Charlie Huston, courtesy of a certain Joshua Polak who may or may not appear in the followup to DH for his thoughtfulness (though I should warn him most of my cameos meet untimely ends). A beautiful leather bound copy of The Divine Comedy, as well as the new Neil Gaiman, both from Katrina, whom common sense dictates I will never knock off in a book. Some Chandler and Hammett from the in-laws. And I also got a whole pile of CDs and DVDs to boot. Oh, and actual boots (sort of). Thanks go to Mom, Anna, and Katrina again on those.
Hmm, did I say brief? Yeah, never really been my strong suit. Anyways, that's the haps. Now where did I put those leftovers?

*Okay, do I really know Patrick well enough to make him up a nickname? Probably not. But come on, who wouldn't take "Bag Man"?