Friday, May 23, 2008

Last, but not least...

Okay, I have a confession to make: I'm not really one for memes. Sure, I've done a couple, and they've been fun enough, but they can kind of be a time-suck. So I think I'm gonna take a break from memes for a while... right after this.

See, Stuart had himself an idea. He created a meme in which writers post photos of their workplaces, and say a few words about them. I happen to think that's a pretty good idea, so I decided I'd join him in this-here reindeer game of his. Besides, folks can't seem to get enough of trilogies these days, so this, my third meme, seems an appropriate swan song. Here's the rules:

1) You must take a photo of your workspace and post it to your blog.
2) You must provide a few words about it.
3) You must NOT tidy, clean or otherwise stage the workspace - it must be EXACTLY as it usually is (you can see that I followed this rule religiously).
4) (Optional) You can nominate as many or as few others as you wish.

So here goes. My workspace. A far cry from the dark corner of our basement apartment, which is where I wrote the first book, this one is airy and full of light; I wonder if it'll show up in my writing? Somehow, I don't think so...
There it is, in all its glory. You'll notice it's tucked into a nook, facing away from any windows. Believe me, not an accident. Oh, and unlike Stuart's, there's nary a guitar to be found. I keep my distractions far, far away, so as to force me to actually, you know, write every once and a while. And since the picture resists embiggening, I'll point out a few details: first, the pile of Post-its in the middle of the desk, which if arranged end-to-end would pretty much be my WIP. Second, the movie posters above the desk are Psycho (mine), and The Shock by Shock Confessions of a Sorority Girl (Katrina's, and no, she never was). Oh, and since I'm all kinds of psyched about our new digs, here's the other half of the room:
Yeah, I know, it's that most collegiate of chairs, the papasan. Gimme a break - it's an office. Besides, look at all the pretty books! So there you have it. As for tagging? Not gonna. But this is kind of a cool idea, so c'mon, writer-types, pony up! And if you do, drop a comment to let me know...