Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy Nondenominational Holiday and/or Ethnic/Religious Celebration of Your Choice

As Chrismukkwanza rolls around, I thought I'd send out some holiday cheer, but seeing as this is a blog about writing, I figure I should skew things in that direction a bit. (Also, a boycott by Bill O'Reilly could really only boost my readership at this point, so everybody be sure to send him a traditional Channzamas falafel for me, would you?) So, without further ado, I submit to you my Three Holiday Lists, Each Consisting of Only One Thing, and in No Particular Order:

Top One Reasons to Support an Online Bookselling Megalith This Holiday Season:

1. Barnes and Noble's free 3-day shipping means pretty, pretty books for cheap.

Top One Reasons for Skipping an Online Bookselling Megalith in Favor of Your Local Independent Bookseller This Holiday Season:

1. Barnes and Noble's free 3-day shipping is a complete and total sham, which will more likely than not result in your pretty, pretty books spending their holiday in a warehouse in Hoboken.
(Incidentally, if you happen to hail from Portland, Maine, might I suggest that the local independent bookseller you support be Longfellow Books in Monument Square?)

Top One Things Every Writer/Gadget Nerd Should Want This Holiday Season:

1. The Victorinox SwissMemory USB Knife (because how many gifts would allow you to saw off your own leg were you pinned beneath a tree on a mountain hike and provide an easy, convenient back-up of your novel/short story/political manifesto?)

So that's that. Have a safe and happy holiday season. Also, Captain Morgan's Private Stock rum happens to be damn tasty in egg nog (or Silk Nog, for we lactose-intolerant), no matter what you choose to celebrate.