Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Angels' Share

Thirteen months ago, on a sunny Sunday morning, I sat down at my computer and started writing a novel entitled The Angels' Share. Today, at 12:04 to be precise, I finished.

To be honest, it took longer than I expected; but then, at 110, 850 words, it is longer than I expected as well. Which is good, I think. Elmore Leonard may have the skill to leave out the boring bits, but the rest of us have to (hopefully) remove them before the story sees the light of day.

Of course, it needs a good polish as well as a trim, but I recently discovered (much to my surprise) that I really enjoy the editing process. And besides, whatever else happens, I can never again say that I hope to one day write a novel. Yesterday, The Angels' Share was just an idea, bobbing incomplete around my head. Today it exists, in some form, at least. Now the trick is to make it the best version of itself I can manage.

So, in two weeks time, I will sit down, red pen and notebook in hand, and begin the editing process. In the end, I hope to have an 80,000-90,000 word novel that is taut, polished, and ready to let out into the world.

Tonight, however, I am going to have myself a drink.