Additional Praise for THE KILLING KIND

"You may not be familiar with Chris Holm, but you will be soon. Holm is the author of a somewhat off-the-radar semi-supernatural trilogy known as the Collector series and has garnered a great deal of acclaim... His new novel, THE KILLING KIND, takes him in a somewhat different direction. It’s a crime thriller with a surprisingly sympathetic protagonist and a startlingly original premise that moves along so smoothly and quickly that you almost forget you’re reading."

"THE KILLING KIND is a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled novel marking a turning point in the career of Chris Holm. Where he was once a cult author with a loyal fan base, this new novel will no doubt make him a recognizable and leading name in the thriller genre moving forward."
-BOLO Books

"THE KILLING KIND is well-described and vivid… a fast, hard-edged thriller that doesn’t pull its punches… a white-knuckled ride to an explosive finish."
-Crime Review

"The reader can’t help but be fully invested in what befalls the players in this thriller. Holm has put fully formed people on the page… and then proceeds to do horrible things to them. Because that is what exceptional authors do."
-Crimespree Magazine

"THE KILLING KIND moves like a tank with a Ferrari engine... [it] had been one of my most anticipated reads of 2015 and I’m happy to say that my expectations were met, and then some."
-Every Read Thing

“THE KILLING KIND is an intelligent and droll shot of adrenaline that aims high and more than makes the mark."
-Hartford Books Examiner

"What makes this book stand out to me? Though my expectations were met, nay exceeded, I still felt a loss when I turned the final pages. The ending was so tremendous and so unexpected that I’m aching for more."
-Jenn's Bookshelves

"Holm is an expert craftsman. THE KILLING KIND is a special blend of knock ’em, sock ’em and intelligence."
-The Life Sentence

"About as close as you can get to a perfect thriller experience... More than worthy of all the nominations it has garnered, THE KILLING KIND is written with the leanness of a crime writer but the soul of a romantic."
-Malcolm Avenue Review

"The action makes you feel like you are in the middle of a John Woo film and the characters bring more surprises and emotion to the table than you may be prepared for."

"Each domino falls exactly when it’s supposed to and the thrill of the book is watching one topple onto the next... this Holm guy has something special."
-Raging Biblioholism

"An ingenious cat-and-mouse game... Please, somebody, make this into a movie."
-Read Me Deadly

"THE KILLING KIND is like reading the best of Thomas Perry, with a style all its own."
-Sarah Weinman

"Previously known to readers for his outstanding, intricately plotted and laced with dark humor urban fantasy meets noir Collector trilogy, Holm has both shifted gears somewhat and at the same time upped his game with THE KILLING KIND."
-Elizabeth A. White